The New Consistent – ‘Individual Social Accounts and Commentary’ | EP Review

The New Consistent Releases Streets Inspired Debut EP

The New Consistent has released his debut EP ‘Individual social accounts and commentary’, and it’s different.

We first got a taste with the release of ‘3 Years’ in 2018, which showed some unique qualities. Now he’s taken that, spreading it across 5 songs. The EP features loopy, minimalistic throughout, with The New Consistent dropping bits of his life around them.

It’s starts off with ‘The Runaway Mind’, where he tells us throughout the track that his mind was going to get bread from the shop 4 years ago. Welcome to the mind of Ben Ramsay. This continues throughout the EP, lush beats being lyrically danced around. ‘The Great Ito’ is another example, featuring the lyric; “Right now it’s feels like I’m cutting bread with a butter knife”. He leaves himself very open on this EP, letting you find about him as a person let alone an artist.

3 Years’ was released last year catching a lot of people’s ears, and sits well within the EP. The track sees him recite a past relationship and completely opens up about it; “I know I’ll stay awake thinking about trust, because trust builds the foundations of our relationships.” “The New Consistent” features subtle hypnotic acoustic guitars, layered on one another. Which is testament to the musicality on this release as he creates some really interesting instrumentals to play on.

Finally “Petrol Station Flowers” finishes the EP off and is the most daring track of them all. The beat is in your face yet mellow, and his vocals are extremely prominent. This could make a case for best of the EP, as it has such a bright catchy hook as the lyrics; “I don’t care for air, I don’t care for food” linger in your mind.

There’s loose attachments to The Streets with his style, yet his beats are completely stand alone. He can be proud of this release, and it will be intriguing seeing them performed live.

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