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The Band discuss Playing Live, Writing Songs and Album Number Two!

With The Blinders set to embark on a tour of the UK, 8 months after their debut Album Columbia, we managed to catch up with busy trio on the phone just before their first show in Birmingham.

Fresh off the back of SXSW Festival, the boys were in good spirits and looking forward to taking on some bigger venues. Regardless to the fact they’ve played a lot of shows already this Year, lead singer Tom ensured me that they will be just as revved up for the upcoming tour stating;

The more you wait around for something and take time out, it’s personally the worst thing you could do as you miss being on the road. Whereas when you’re caught up in that kind of lifestyle and in that way of working you don’t have time to be exhausted. We don’t have any intentions of slowing down, and we’re looking forward to give some of our best performances yet”

Last time around the band had the very talented White Room supporting them, as Tom expressed that he didn’t understand why they weren’t on the radio 24/7. However they have The Ninth Wave supporting them this time around, which the band had a personal hand in choosing;

I [Tom] saw them play The Soup Kitchen in Manchester, possibly Dot to Dot Festival, and they were just exciting. As soon as we found out they were on the same agency, we had to get them involved. We also become great friends with them playing SXSW, as we spent every other night with them and Avalanche Party”.

After falling in love with the album when it was released, I was surprised I could love it even more when seeing it performed live. Their chaotic energy-fuelled performances is the best advert for The Blinders music, and they agreed.

The album was very much trying to transpose a live performance to an album, as opposed to trying to bring an album to a live show – which was always how it worked. It’s an incredibly important part of being a band, you only have to go and see IDLES and your hooked, then you go and start digging in further to the lyrics. We hope we achieve the same feeling with our performance.”

On the topic of playing live, our writer Lottie wanted to find out why they didn’t play ‘Hidden Horror Dance’ anymore at live shows!

That was part of a demo EP and us finding our sound. We’ve just moved the sound on, it just feels a little old and immature to us now.”

I then made a foolish guess at the band created their music. With their riffs being so memorable and tribal at times, I assumed that it would be the riff that always came first. How very wrong I was as Tom explained;

We actually do it the completely the opposite way round, as we’re all a lover of words. Words strike out to us more than melody.In general we will be completely captured by a single phrase, for example L’etat C’est Moi was something Charlie read, then comes the traditional stream of consciousness which comes from picking up something like that.”

On the subject of books the band sneakily slipped out some details on the second album, as they let us take a look into what is inspiring that working progress;

A lot of the second album has been influenced by books like Lolita, The Picture of Dorian Grey, Stephens Kings Misery. Charlie’s also currently reading Murakami’s Norwegian Wood.”

With the hint of a second album it Tom spoke about how his acoustic solo material could potentially make an appearance on the second album, and if their constantly writing for the potential release;

I think we worked on ‘Wither’ for the album, maybe it will all get released one day as some obscure B side and rarities album. We pretty much write all time, as the saying goes a painter paints every day and a writer writes every day. We’re just getting everything down whether it’s way off base or not, it’s all part of crafting your writing skills”

In regards to bands their looking forward to see releasing an album, Tom mentioned No Hot Ashes, and it would be great to see how they would cross-over to an album release.

We’ve always followed them and their material, and they do wonders in Manchester in particular. It will be interesting to see how their sound transitions with them changing producer. So it will be great to hear what they bring out next.”.

The band also mentioned Declan Welsh & The Decadent West as an act to look out for. With Tom and Matty entertaining the idea that Declan could well be an alter ego for their bassist Charlie, with them looking suspiciously alike.

With Charlie’s Margherita pizza in the oven and set to be done in 4 minutes, I managed to get some ‘quick-fire’ questions with the boys before their dinner was burnt.


Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds or Paul Mccartney producing.

Favourite Drink before stage time?

Collectively Margherita. Tom – Red Wine and Herbal Tea (Not a great mixture, purely for vocals).

Coolest haircut in Music?

Nick Cave for Grinderman, with the moustache.

Orwell or Huxley?


Coolest person in Music you’ve met?

Charlie: I was very wasted so I don’t remember much, but Josh Tillman.

Tom: Miles Kane, we’re playing with him in July in Brighton, he’s very cool and down to earth.

Favourite song to play live?

Et Tu into Brutus

Smartest in the band?

Probably Matty, he has an exceptional talent for being incredible at things that don’t matter like rubiks cube, hacky sacks, dates. He’s like rain man.

Just would like to thanks for the guys for taking the time out and doing the interview. If you haven’t got a ticket to any of their upcoming shows, what are you doing? Grab one below!

26th April – Birmingham Institute – Tickets

27th April – Manchester O2 Ritz – Tickets

28th April – Glasgow St Luke – Tickets

30th April – London Scala – Tickets

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