#9 WFM Music Pile-Up | ft. Just Mustard

Photo by Karl Walsh

Just Mustard and Lauran Hibberd continue their promising 2019’s!

With us being sent so much music on a weekly basis it’s difficult to review them all! So we’ve created a little space where we can share a bunch of new music which we simply couldn’t fit in! Hope you Enjoy!

Just Mustard – ‘Frank’

With them releasing their debut album Wednesday last year, Just Mustard have been keeping quiet in 2019. However the release of ‘Frank’ makes for welcome listening, as it’s great to hear the Irish band back at it again!

Lauran Hibberd – ‘Hoochie’

After her release of ‘Sugardaddy earlier this Year, Lauran Hibberd continues to deliver great music. With influences of Courtney Barnett and Soccer Mom, Lauran very much so has her own way and this track is another example of that.

Swears – ‘Subliminal’

Swears earlier this year released ‘Subliminal’ and it was amazing, but now they have a video to coincide with it and it’s even better. This track needed a mention to remind everyone what a great song this really is and how good the band are!

SUNGLO – ‘Elevator Belle’

SUNGLO calm this weeks selection down, for about a minute. Their soft melodic tones are tranquil until the chorus bursts through. ‘Elevator Belle’ is only their second track, and the band already look like a solid act.

Crest Glider – ‘Horror’

Midlands band Crest Glider finish off this weeks list with ‘Horror’, which has it’s own haunting tendencies. As the word ‘Horror’ is spelt out, and the guitar stabs become louder, the track gets that bit more haunting.

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