Henge @ The Joiners, Southampton 05/04/2019 | Live Review

Henge Bring an Out-of-this-world Performance to the South Coast

It’s not every day that a group of extra-terrestrials arrive in Southampton, and even less often that they go on to play a gig at The Joiners. Bucking the trend, Henge did so.

Fronted by Zpor, they take to the stage to greet an eager audience, some of whom are dressed in ‘alien’ attire themselves. Their brand of ‘cosmic dross’ is one that captivates and enthrals the audience, the closest thing to a psychedelic experience one can experience when sober.

It’s not the most conventional live show that Southampton has witnessed this year, but it might just be one of the best. Entrancing rave-like beats jostle with Zpor’s vocals, creating a psychedelic space-pop journey unlike anything else.

There is always the worry with bands like Henge that their USP will turn out to be ever-so-slightly gimmicky. Despite their otherworldly appearances, they put on a particularly enchanting performance. Not a band for the typical three-minute verse-chrous-verse rock song, their compositions are sprawling and expansive, often a surreal experience. ‘Mushroom One’ fits this description for instance, a psychedelic jam with elements of worldbeat.

Above all, Zpor is the main focus, making the centre of the stage his own and looking every inch the majestic extra-terrestrial. Behind him, drummer Nom keeps the beat going, while Goo is solid on bass and Grok, the only humanoid in the band, produces dazing synths.

All in all, this is the best thing to come out of the rest of the universe for a long time, Henge bring a live show that is not to be missed.

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