Cassia – ‘Replica’ | Album Review

Cassia prove good on Debut Album

It’s not often that an album is able to transport you to the perfect heat of summer. Yet this was where I found myself after listening to the first song on Replica by Cassia. There’s something about Cassia that makes you want to dance until you can no longer feel your feet. The trio transfers a hell of a lot of energy considering their size, it would be easy to mistake them for a large ensemble.

Featuring eleven of this band’s jangly songs, Replica is a Bible for the summer. Their songs run parallel to the sounds of Vampire Weekend, with the Northern trio gaining support from Radio 1’s Greg James and Huw Stephens. Made up of Rob Ellis, Lou Cotterill and Jacob Leff, their debut album is evidence that positivity is well and truly alive in new bands.
Cassia manages to put an optimistic spin on everything – ‘Small Space‘ is the first song on the album; ‘all the misfits put on their crowns’ is a standout line and empowers those on the outskirts of society. Much like the songs that follow there is a lot going on, with this opening track making a strong foundation for the rest of the album.

Summer, Summer.

The expectations are high for ‘Replica‘, the song that the album is named after. With a reggae vibe, it is the very definition of summer as the lyrics; “gold sunshine, replica gold”, will bring the summertime sun to us even on the coldest of days. Speaking about the song itself, the band say how Replica “encompasses what the album is about for us” and shows how;“you can cultivate your own inner world to match what you want to see”.  ‘Loosen Up‘ is another track following a reggae rhythm and quirky guitar riffs throughout. Keeping it short and sweet at 2 minutes 40 seconds, Ellis sings lyrics about – you guessed it – wanting to loosen up.

Although a few of the songs have already been released as singles, each one brings its own atmosphere. Even their best-known song ‘100 times over’ has had a makeover, and Leff’s drums have a real tribal feel to them. ‘Freedom it is all around me’ showcases their indie songwriting in an attempt to consolidate us with our fellow peers.

Movers and Shapers‘ is a newcomer on the album. It is a full experience for our ears. Also, there’s never an empty moment between the sun-kissed guitar licks and bouncing bass. However, what’s most interesting in this song is the drums. Cassia experiments with different tones and rhythms to make Jacob Leff’s task as challenging as possible. Despite all of this, they completely pull it off. The drums feature some of the most exciting and innovative rhythms out there.

With a reference to the golden sun in almost every song, Replica is the summer that we all deserve. This is a vibrant and upbeat album which can be played any time of year, not just in the warmth of summer.

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