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Strange Bones Release New Track ‘Vicous’ ahead of SB EP: BLITZ PART 1

Today, the 12th of April, marks a new era for the Blackpool based personification of chaos that is Strange Bones, as they release their electrifying and rip-roaring new track, Vicious.

I’ve been highly anticipating the release of Vicious, since seeing it performed live back in October. It immediately establishes itself as a unique, genre-defying track as punk blends effortlessly with dark electronic sounds.

Vicious is certainly not casual listening. It’s a stand out piece of work with its mind-bending distortion, turning Bobby’s vocals into some sort of demonic overlord, and its brain-shattering industrial edge. Strange Bones have certainly crammed a lot into the two and a half minutes song as the track just keeps on giving. As soon as you adjust to the high level distortion and start to think you know what to expect, they chuck an immense explosion of energy at you with the heavy punk chorus. As always, the band have stuck to their DIY ethics and recorded and produced the track in their own studio, with help from Thomas Mitchener.

What it means.

Singer Bobby describes Vicious as “a demonstration of our vast influences and marks a turning point in the band’s evolution. Strange Bones was never meant to be a punk band or a rock band, the idea was to constantly evolve, with an underlying sonic signature.”

He goes on to describe Strange Bones as “genre shape shifters”, which quite frankly is the best way to put it. With every new song the band release, they push boundaries further than we thought possible and challenge their own musical abilities.

Along with the release of Vicious, Strange Bones have announced their fourth EP, ‘Blitz PT 1’, due out the 5th of July.

Bobby describes Blitz as “a commentary of 21st century life”, with part 1 looking at “the hyper-normalisation of modern society, our reliance on self medication and self-built technological utopias in a world of accelerated modernity.”

And if all that’s not enough, they’re announcing a tour on Monday, so you’ll be able to see Vicious in its full glory on stage, and trust me, you NEED to see Strange Bones live.

Listen to Vicious here:

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