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A quick chat with One of Manchester Up and Comers, Dirty Laces.

Dirty Laces are one of Manchester’s finest up and coming bands at the moment, and we were lucky enough to grab some time from them! In the interview we got to discuss the music they were listening to growing up, along with what they’d like to accomplish this year!

How did Dirty Laces form?

The band formed in 2017 when we were all out of bands for a while and were looking for a new project to work on. It was strange because most of us had been in various bands together at one point or another that didn’t really work out, I guess there’s only so many musicians in one area so we ended up back together but this time it seemed to gel.

Who came up with your great band name ‘Dirty Laces’?

Well when we were deciding on names we had a few ideas but Tom our bass player suggested ‘Dirty Laces’ and it just seemed to stick. It’s a bit tongue in cheek and we liked it because it was similar to the 60’s supergroup ‘Dirty Mac’. A band composed of some of our biggest influencers like John Lennon, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards.

You’ve sold out several venues, what have been your favourite gigs to play as a band?

Yeah, we’ve gained a good following in the north and especially our home town Manchester. I’d say one of the high points was supporting Pete Doherty at a sold-out gig in Northwich in what used to be an old cinema now called the ‘Northwich Plaza’, we think around 500 turned up to see us open which was pretty mind-blowing. We also played Paris last year which was a huge milestone ticked off for us playing our first overwaters gig. Kendal Calling in 2018 was a mint experience the House Party stage is great.

Which song is your favourite to play live?

We all have our own favourites but we’ve recently been mixing up the set adding in a lot of instrumental songs and improvising to keep it as fresh and energetic as possible, we’re really getting stuck into that. But ‘Set In Stone’ is a big favourite amongst fans and gets people going, but our new single Moving Pictures seems to be making an impact so we’re digging that live.

Your music has a hint of Oasis to it, what’s your favourite Oasis song?

As a Manc band we get that a lot. Our influences span far and wide but we’re mainly into stuff from the 60’s and 70’s so it’s a bit unusual but I suppose it’s a result of where we grew up. 

That’s a hard one, we all like the less obvious stuff. Headshrinker has gotta be up there, it has attitude that’s hard to match, it’s so raw and full on.

Noel or Liam?


What was the last song you were listening to?

Astral Man by The Nude Party.

Photo By Rachel Brown

If you had to pick an album that you wished you had written what would it be?

Another tough one. Gotta be The Wall by Floyd or Led Zeppelin IV.

Best festival stage you’ve danced on?

Kendal Calling House Party Stage.

You’re based on the Manchester music scene which has loads of upcoming bands – name a few for us to look out for?

Scuttlers, The Notion and Gardenback are great.

Finally, you’re having a busy with the single you released back in March along with a tour – is there anything else you’d like to do this year?

Yeah we’re really busy on the road and we have a few festivals booked that we’re buzzing for. Going overseas again would be great but we’re all eager to keep writing and recording new material so hopefully we’ll be in the studio again soon!

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