#7 WFM Music Pile-Up | ft. The Americas

This Week The Americas lead the charge with the Weekly Music Round-Up!

With us being sent so much music on a weekly basis it’s difficult to review them all! So we’ve created a little space where we can share a bunch of new music which we simply couldn’t fit in! Hope you Enjoy!

The Americas – ‘Revolution/Bubblegum‘.

The Americas had an outstanding Year last year with their EP release and putting on some stunning live shows. Guitar Music Is Dead really stands out as an EP, and the band have started this year off strong too with this Double A-Side release ‘Revolution/Bubblegum’.

Junodream – ‘Odd Behaviour’.

Junodream have just come off the release of ‘Terrible Things That Could Happen’ and they’re continuing their momentum with ‘Odd Behaviour’. The song features some mellow vocals and high pitched guitar, creating a soft melody. This is turning out to be an important year for the band.

Life at the Arcade – ‘Tabloids’

Tabloids’ is the latest release from Liverpool band Life At The Arcade who have been featured a few times here on WFM for their great music. This song is no different, as the fast-paced track rings through your ears after the first play.

Heavy Heart – ‘Dowsabel’.

Heavy Heart make their WFM debut with their new track ‘Dowsabel’, and the songs is a perfect way to introduce yourself. The slow, plodding pace of the song makes way for some talented vocals to make an appearance, as it serves as a alr-rock ballad.

Sweetness – ‘Pretty‘.

On the topic of debuts, Sweetness are also making there’s with ‘Pretty’, a song which bounces along, creating a lively atmosphere. The vocals have a certain Morrissey twang to them, with the wit also included.

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