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Pelicandy Release New Track ‘Silent Treatment’

Where have all the synths gone? Trendy post-punk might be in vogue right now, but that’s no reason to neglect its poppier indie cousins. Definitely, it’s a good job there are acts like London-based Pelicandy – who have released their latest single ‘Silent Treatment’ – knocking about. They have the sleek, retro feel of Parcels, while there are notes of Peace’s Happy People and Superfood’s Bambino in the mix too. And whisper it quietly, but ‘Silent Treatment’ doesn’t sound completely different to the Spice Girls’ ‘2 Become 1’ in the chorus.

Listen Below:

It starts off slowly, a sort of minimalist funk, before frontman TC Beecham’s vocals, amongst other components, come to the fore. It turns into a soulful piece of synthpop that manages to be both wistful and sexy in equal measure.

“’Silent Treatment’ could be a song about a failure to communicate in a relationship, dismissing others over political differences, or soundproofing your home. But it’s really a song about listening” the band explain. The trio certainly succeed in making us listen, managing to captivate with their 80s-inspired hooks and background falsetto vocalisations.

This is the first of a few releases to come from Pelicandy in 2019, and ultimately, if ‘Silent Treatment’ is anything to go by, they are a band you need to keep on your radar as the year goes on.

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