Sugarthief @ O2 Institute 3, Birmingham – 23/03/2019 | Live Review

Photo by Luke Jones

Sugarthief Deliver Their Most Important Show to Date

So the day finally came and Sugarthief released their debut EP, and every EP needs a launch party. I was lucky enough to attend this sold-out show in Digbeth at the O2 institute to witness three bands completely tear the roof off and deliver another milestone in the Birmingham music scene.

The Cosmics.

The Cosmics started the show off in the most raucous fashion. Each member was at their energetic best, as guitarist Conor Boyle got completely lost in the zone throughout the set.

Photo by Luke Jones

Their latest track ‘Trust Is Blind’ went down a storm as the breakdown gave the crowd a reason to fall over each other. Erin’s voice was powerful for every song, giving songs like ‘Inishfree’ and ‘Waste of Time’ an additional garage-y feel.

Spilt Milk Society.

After a lively performance from the trio, it was time for Spilt Milk Society to slow it down slightly. This was the first I’d seen them since their band shake-up, and they hadn’t missed a beat. ‘Amsterdam’ had the entire venue singing, along with keyboard player displaying some impressive moves.

To fill time while they were sorting some technical issues, the keyboard player treated us all to ‘Superfood’. This really got the crowd, as they nodded to one of Birmingham’s most underrated bands Superfood.

Photo by Luke Jones

When the riff for ‘For The Last Time’ filled the room it felt magical, continuing to be one of the bands favoured tracks. This was much the same for their latest track ‘Orange’ and ‘She Tastes Like Summer’. These tracks create a unique atmosphere, which should be experienced by everyone.

Their whole set seemed to drift by seamlessly. Lead singer Harry got his first taste of the crowd before returning later on to play keys for Sugarthief.


After that impressive performance it was time for one of Birmingham’s favourites as Sugarthief took to the stage. After spending most the night amongst the crowd, they were more than ready to showcase their EP.

Walking on to a homely welcome the band sprung on in high spirits ready to deliver their most important performance to date. Starting the set off with the first track of the EP ‘Good Luck I Hope You Make It’ proved to be a sound choice, as the crowd were ready for it. Then sliding into ‘Modern Man’ it set the tone for the night.

Photo by Luke Jones

After introducing themselves and thanking the supports they continued to crash through the show with old favourite ‘Provide’. Lead singer Jordi was charming throughout, with constant patter with the crowd engaging with them at every chance.

Their cover of ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ was triumphant as the band carried on the tradition of playing a different cover in their setlist. As well as that the band invited several people from the audience to join them on stage and sing along creating a memorable moment for the night.

Bands always say it’s a surreal feeling when a crowd sings a song of yours back to you. Well the boys must’ve have felt elated as ‘Joy Affair’ ignited a huge singalong, as that memorable riff still rings through my ear.

Photo by Luke Jones

Sugarthief’s new material (which had just been released that day) stood strong in the set. Tracks ‘Talk In Moderation’, ‘Anywhere’ and ‘Why’d You Listen’ especially sticking out. With a dedicated person on keys you can hear the difference, as every song seemed to have an extra punch.

Throughout the show the crowd was chanting the riff for ‘When Did It All Go So Wrong?’, with Jordi insisting they didn’t have enough time for the track. When the band gave in and unleashed the track it felt like a huge indie banger straight from the 00’s.

Photo by Luke Jones

The ending arrived too soon, as my gig reflexes are used to hour and a half shows. But I didn’t leave with any disappointment, it was a desire to hear more. Leaving the show with a t-shirt and a tote bag as a memento for the night.

With a round of two beers costing more than my ticket, I think it’s safe to say I got my money’s worth. The band continues to deliver special performances and it won’t be long until they become recognized on a national level.

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