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Hotel Lux Release Menacing New Track ‘English Disease’

Hotel Lux are playing with their sound, taking it in a couple different directions, and this latest track (which has definite earworm potential if its ability to stick in my head throughout the weekend means anything) is proof of it. It is only apparently a break with their previous work. The sound is in fact a natural development of what previous singles had already heralded, rounded and somewhat mellower without losing the sarcastically aggressive cutting edge that has always been one of the strengths of this band.

Vocalist Lewis Duffin delivers his lyrics with his customary bite, then launches in a pleasantly big chorus. This is new for Hotel Lux but merges with their sound seamlessly. Production must also be praised here; in a time of overproduced music, English Disease strikes a perfect balance of polished and sharp. There are moments in which the song almost sounds like Blur if their music had been spending too much time hanging around with bad companies. This works perfectly for a track that looks at an all-too-familiar English scene with disenchantment and a pinch of sympathy.

The lyrics provide sharp, lightly ironic commentary delivered from a standpoint brave enough to not put itself above the scene it’s describing. “It’s a case of the English disease, you know what I mean/ and so do I”, the song admonishes. And so do we all, indeed.

Listen Below:

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