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Lu’Ami Releases Mesmerising New Track ‘Respect’

Respect’ is the latest single from sassy loop queen, Lu’Ami. An artist who is most definitely testing the boundaries of uniqueness in the grass-root music industry through her stunning mix of sweet vocals and electronic beats. This latest track comes in light of her exciting new EP ‘Warriors’ to be released next month, following on from her independently launched debut EP ‘Better’ (2016); the profits of which were donated to Mental Health Foundation.

After gracing stages at festivals across country, including Shambala, The Great Escape and 2000 Trees, Lu’Ami has also performed live on BBC Radio 4, and even supported comedian Arthur Smith on his tour. This new track, much like the entire upcoming EP, is a reflection of Lu’Ami’s own personal battles and enlightenments, oozing her strong spirit and passion for creating.

The Track.

The track begins with simple, vintage-style beat. When listening, the soulful tones reminded me of the first time I stumbled across Lu’Ami as she supported ‘Town of Cats Band’ at Mr. Wolf’s in Bristol last September. Armed with a sample pad paired with her raw talent, she had the power to silence a room. Although reminiscent of artists such as Erykah Badu and Björk, her live vocals are distinctive. They’re layered across one another in a mesmerising fashion using her mad looping skills. ‘Respect’ captures Lu’Ami’s harmonious voice which is beautifully oozed across electronic yet jazzy beats, constructing an air of alternative, Icelandic pop.  

Lu’Ami describes the track as reflecting upon an old relationship years later. However, in true Lu’Ami style she successfully projects a positive stance on often painful situations to instead understand; ‘why circumstances had to happen in order to understand that I wasn’t being true to myself. ‘Respect’ is a track that is both relatable in its message, yet sonically mesmerising at the same time. The chorus in itself; ‘I will respect myself, I will’ demonstrates a true devotion towards healing and growing, making this track an honest exploration of self-empowerment and love; a important message we should all remember.

Keep your eyes peeled for Lu’Ami’s shimmery second EP ‘Warriors’. This has been successfully funded by fans using Crowdfunding and due for released on 16th April.

Experience the magic of Lu’Ami yourself at one of her upcoming shows:

30th March – London  – Greenpeace Plastic Free Event, Loveshack

16th April– Brighton– ‘Warriors’ EP Launch, Rialto Theatre

20th April – Brighton– Oral Audio, The Richmond

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