Saltwater Sun discuss Supporting Jimmy Eat World and all things Music | Interview

Ahead of their EP we Spoke with Saltwater Sun

1. What’s the most exciting thing that happened to you since 2019 started? And what are you looking forward to the most?

Definitely being asked to support Jimmy Eat World! It’s not an exaggeration to say we have been listening to them for a huge portion of our lives. Dan and I even did a cover of one of their songs to get into music college back in the day. We can’t wait for our festival dates across the Summer, – we seem to be following Foals about, what a treat!

2. Who are the bands/artists that inspired you?

It’s a mixed bag in this band. I’m personally influenced a lot by Big Thief, The National, Jenny Lewis and Deftones. Between us we have listened to more pop punk than 5 adult humans should have, so that creeps in for sure.

3. You supported the Amazons at their intimate London gig. How did it feel to support a band with a big following in quite a small venue?

It was a little bit daunting, in all honesty. We did that on the back of the Jimmy Eat World shows, so went from playing the biggest stages of our lives – to playing a stage which we legitimately couldn’t fit on, with die hard Amazon’s fans breathing on our faces. Hell hath no fury like a boy who’s pedal board you’ve accidentally stomped on, so I was a little bit preoccupied with where to put my feet. However, the reception was incredibly warm, The Amazons are lovely and their set was absolutely wild, so it turned out to be an excellent show and one we were really glad to be part of.

4. How and when did you form the band you are in? And how did you choose the name?

The boys started the band from the remnants of other bands they were in. We’ve more or less known each other since school and they wanted someone to do some keys and vocals, so asked me. I got promoted to singing lead pretty quickly and ditched the keyboard as Dan much prefers to play guitar than sing. They picked the name before I joined – I’m actually not mad keen – but apparently it was that or ‘drugged out babies’ so maybe I should count my blessings.

5. When did you feel that the band was worth pursuing?

We don’t approach making music like that. Making music with people you love is always worth pursuing, if you can! We’re driven to see how far we can go and the sky is the limit – but first and foremost making music is always about us enjoying ourselves.

6. What would you consider the highlight of your ‘career’ up until now?

Supporting Jimmy Eat World and Reading Festival. I’ve been going to that festival every year since I was 13 and I have lost count of the number of times I’ve seen Jimmy Eat World. The younger me would have freaked out if she knew what older me would be upto and I cherish that feeling.

7. Festivals and Saltwater Sun seem like a match made in heaven, the summery melodies intertwined with the indie anthems are a dream. Has this always been your vision or did it just came to you?

Playing festivals has always been a dream of ours, because we have attended festivals since we were really young. Growing up by a big festival that’s really accessible to young people (Reading) started our love affair with them early. I don’t think that we set out to write songs that would work well at festivals – it’s more like festivals are in our blood so that’s just what comes out!

8. Do you have a special song writing ritual?

Song writing invariably starts with Dan. He starts playing a riff or chord progression and the rest of us pile in around it. He can always tell if we aren’t that keen on an idea as the practice room stays very quiet!

9. What would you like to see disappear from the UK music scene?

I’d really like to see bravado disappear! Music can feel like a very male arena to be in, sometimes. There is a lot of showboating, blokes in bands pruning their plumage, over performing and sometimes sincerity falls by the wayside. Thankfully, this is definitely dying out now. Girls to the front!

10. What’s the biggest dream you can imagine?

Being able to do this for the rest of our lives. That’s the dream!

11. What’s your overall goals for the bands

We just want to be able to keep making music. It can be tough sometimes, it’s time consuming, expensive and you spill your guts, only to have them judged and dissected by abject strangers – but it’s so worth it. We are aiming to get the band to a point where it sustains itself, so we can continue to do what we do!

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