Indoor Pets – ‘Be Content’ | Album Review

Indoor Pets Deliver The Album We All Expected They Would!

For Indoor Pets the past few years have been building up to their first album, and it’s safe to say that it’s extraordinary. The dirty pop quartet have found themselves the perfect market place to express their quirky style.

The album has 14 songs altogether. There is a combination of new and old, with their best sounds having been picked to please their faithful fan base. Their speeding riffs escalate the bands bouncing tunes, making it easy to imagine the crowd jumping up and down at concerts.

The first song on the album ‘Hi‘ is the perfect choice to ease us into the record. Whilst being a previous release prior to the album, Indoor Pets acknowledge the fact that they will never be cool kids. This won’t stop them though, and there’s still a place for them elsewhere along the road. Once the chorus kicks in, the riffs and drum beats are in full swing, perfectly complimenting the slightly eccentric vocals from lead singer Jamie Glass.

Other familiar songs on the album have had a small revamp to them as well, including the much loved ‘Teriyaki‘, ‘Being Strange‘ and ‘Pro Procrastinator‘.

Slowing it Down

Indoor Pets treat us to slower songs as well to show a different side to their music. ‘The Mapping of Dandruff’ acts as a slow tribute to love with idealised hazy guitar melodies. With a depressing twist, the song reveals a much more vulnerable side to this band which has never been shown before. It could unveil to us that we shouldn’t always have to make a joke about being an outsider.  The lyric “I’m so human it hurts” is repeated emphasising that Indoor Pets are just like the rest of us – a rare quality that doesn’t always shine through in bands. If anything, it just makes us fall more in love with them, because generally, the best songs are also the most relatable.

We have to give credit to their latest additions to an all-around anthem-like collection. ‘Spill (my guts),’ use the musical elements in order to create an exciting, floor bouncing song. Similarly, the fast-paced sounds of ‘Mean Heart’ show a band having found their feet and running with the capability to produce electrifying songs with plenty going on.

The Theme of the Album

When speaking about the album, Indoor Pets said “This album is about constantly not fitting in and having that weirdness build a barrier between yourself and those around you” which highlights their thoughts whilst crafting their songs. This is especially relevant to ‘Barbituates‘. Just by the title, we can tell that it is a song focusing on their insecurities and anxieties; an admirable quality for a four-piece made up of men. “My brain has no health inspector” is just one of the intriguing lyrics in this song which shines a spotlight on the stigma of mental health, whilst also giving a bit of light to the topic.


This album encapsulates Indoor Pets evolving sound and they manage to constantly sound as though they’re having a ball. We can only hope that their lovable charisma continues to beam through in future releases.

Indoor Pets have killed their first album, and they make being uncool cool. Who’s ready for album 2?!

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