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After BRITs Triumph, Sam Fender Releases his New Track ‘Hypersonic Missiles’

Following his recognition as Critics choice at The BRITs and his note-perfect debut Live Lounge performance of ‘Play God’, Sam Fender released his latest single, ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ on 5th March.

Fender does not shy away from confronting topical issues in his tracks. Raising the issues of male suicide, societal expectations and homelessness to name a few.

Again, ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ references Russia’s deadly military hardware. Although Fender describes the track as being built around a ‘narrator, who is a complete tin foil hatter’ who’s convinced that ‘the world is on its last legs’, the track definitely rings true to the world’s current state of affairs.

Production wise, the track captures Fender’s alternative rock style. It’s not difficult to imagine the song being performed live. The track oozing the potential to hook a crowd, and perhaps a flare or two.

It’s All In the Lyrics

It presents the grit and darkness of the present day with ‘Kids and cars are all bombed’ and presenting a stretched out delivery of the chorus line ‘It’s a high time for hypersonic missiles’, escalating to the fact that the narrator believes ‘we’re probably due another war’.

Carrying on from this, the track also encompasses the world’s fears of lack of control and passivity in and amongst these issues, presenting the lyrics; ‘I’m not the first to live with wool over my eyes’. In this, he perfectly captures the anxiety surrounding world politics at the moment, using ‘God bless America and all of its allies’ capitalising on the lack of security we often feel.

However, the track does not present such big issues in a purely negative, pessimistic sense.

Fender has described the track as an ‘unorthodox love song’, incorporating the lyrics ‘When the bombs start falling, can you say that you’ve lived your life?’ and ‘The world is gonna end but till then I’ll give you everything’.

Here, we can see that a more optimistic view is presented; Fender noting that ‘these two people are gonna have a fucking good time regardless of the tyrants that run their world, and regardless of the imminent doom from these ‘Hypersonic Missiles’’. Despite all the upheaval, we should not have to live as passengers to this, we should still enjoy our time and live through the madness.  

Overall, the track’s lyrical content stands out as its most interesting aspect. The social awareness presented in the song definitely seems apt and is quite refreshing in the music of a 22 year old artist.

An album maybe?

Catch Sam Fender on his upcoming UK Tour:

2nd May- O2 Ritz, Manchester

3rd May- QMU, Glasgow

6th May- O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, London

7th May- O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, London

10th May- 02 Institute, Birmingham

12th May- The Lemon Grove, Exeter

13th May- SWX Bristol, Bristol

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