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Up and coming band The Gallerys will commence their headlining tour on the 20th of March in Southampton. The indie trio will also stop in other English cities like Leeds, Birmingham and London. If you go to one of their gigs you can expect to have an overload of nostalgia, probably about a time you never even knew at all. The Gallerys are after all a master of recreating the ’60s psychedelic sound with a touch of ‘00s indie pop latched into it. The tour will have some special events as well. In Maidstone they’ll be the supporting act for Scouting For Girls and in Hasting they’ll play a live set at a Q&A with Alan McGee.

The Kent natives aren’t new to the UK music scene. They’ve supported The Rifles and The Bluetones, played alongside Louis Berry and The Sherlocks and have had some headliners gigs before as well. They haven’t been sitting still and there’s no wonder that they have been praised as the next big thing. The Gallerys started their career like many other bands in the independent venue circuit. Their background in this community has given them a chance to be where they are today. So they’re deeply saddened by the many venues vanishing in thin air at a rapid pace. They even think that this might be a threat to the UK music scene in its whole entire being.

Musical Influences

Before they were at the place they are now, and even way before that when they were children they knew that they wanted to be in a band. That was their big dream after all. Growing up in a country like the UK there’s no wonder that dreams like these occur. The country isn’t short of iconic bands and innovators like The Beatles or ‘bigger than life’ Oasis, these and many other bands were the people they looked up to.

Even now they still credit John Lennon, Noel Gallagher, Pete Townsend,… as their inspirations. The Gallerys’ EP ‘Lucid Trail’ has an innovative yet retro look and sound to it. One could argue that those influences may have had a factor on what they have become as a band. Their vision has extended from only influences and have now created their own distinctive style. This undoubtedly will gain more and more followers each year.

The future is looking bright for The Gallerys and as long as they’re making music they’ll be happy. At this moment in time they aren’t thinking about a glamorous lifestyle yet. Pot noodles, beer and kebab wraps are fine with them as long as they can go on tour and do the thing they love.

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