#2 WFM Music Pile-Up | ft. JAWS

Second Week of the WFM Weekly Round Up, Featuring JAWS, Margot and More!

With us being sent so much music on a weekly basis it’s difficult to review them all! So we’ve created a little space where we can share a bunch of new music which we simply couldn’t fit in! Hope you Enjoy!

JAWS – ‘Fear

On the road to their new album, JAWS have released another stunning track with ‘Fear’. The band have come back refreshed, and this song shows some promising signs of what’s to come for the album.

Junodream – ‘Terrible Things Could Happen

Junodream are back with a straight laced, easy listening track called ”Terrible Things That Could Happen’. The song has a straight rhythm and is combined with the lacadizical vocals from lead singer Dougal Gray, creating a lo-fi vibe track.

Belles – ‘Electric’

Every band has to start somewhere and Belles have started here. The Indie Pop band from Brighton have put their right foot forward with ‘Electric’ with a catchy number which has some Joy Division remnants about it.

Margot – ‘Arles’

Margot are also back with their first track of 2019. After covering their release of ‘Coffee Stained Scars’ last year the band have continued to grow with their latest track ‘Arles’!

Household Dogs – ‘Lonely Lover’

Household Dogs have started 2019 off well with their new track ‘Lonely Lover’. The slow brooding pace of the track has an eerie feel surrounding it at times, as the band sing “I could be your lonely lover”. After not hearing much of the band, after this track they will be one to keep tabs on.

Hobby Club – ‘Bedroom’

Finally, Hobby Club released their second track ‘Bedrooom’ which is bedroom dream pop in the most truest sense. The jingle jangle guitars provide a welcoming bed for the very pronounced vocals. It’s a track which will float by, while you enjoy it.

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