Safe to Swim Discuss their Upcoming EP and goals for 2019 | Interview

A Quick Catch Up with Brighton’s Safe to Swim

With their debut EP to land soon, we managed to catch up with George from Safe to Swim! We discuss their new track ‘Make Things Like They Used To Be’, how great the Brighton scene is and what they want to accomplish at the end of 2019!

A bit of a cliche question, but it’s always interesting to know. When did the band actually start, and how did you all meet?

The band started in 2016 and we all befriended each other whilst studying different music courses in Brighton. 

So your new track ‘Make Things Like They Used To Be’  has just been released, and you received over 5,000 streams in one day. Did you think you would get that response to it?

We’ve honestly been so blown away by the response so far, waking up on the release day to find you’re on four amazing Spotify playlists feels like Christmas, we really didn’t expect it at all!

This is the second track to come off your upcoming Debut EP, which I’m really excited about. Can we expect more of the same on the EP, or will there be some different cuts on there?

The sonic sounds of the instruments will be mostly the same with a few extra quirky bits thrown in. However, the lyrical themes and songwriting vary quite drastically throughout, so you’ll definitely see a different side to us swimmers.  

When can we expect the release of the EP? Is there any track on there you’re especially excited to share with everyone?

We’re currently mixing down the final two tracks as we speak and we’re planning on releasing the E.P in late Spring. 

I can’t speak for everyone else but personally, I’m super excited to release Ask the Dust, the final track on the E.P, I feel like it combines all of our band traits into one song. 

We covered you guys for the first time last year when you released ‘Friends’, which we loved. Has much changed with the band since then, and did you try anything new for this track?

Thank you so much, I wouldn’t particularly say much has changed, although we’re working around the clock now to bring everyone an amazing E.P. 

We did experiment quite a bit in the studio for this track, for instance, the intro sound is our guitarist George shaking a guitar amp about. 

I love the sound that you guys have, it’s really frantic and energetic with sonic riffs. I imagine you have a host of influences, but who are some of the key influences for the band?

We all have really different influences but the main artists we all share are The Strokes, The Pixies and The Wombats. To get a better idea of all of our influences head over to our Spotify playlist ‘Safe Foundations’ we promise it’s full of bangers. 

Also if it’ s not too cheeky, what equipment do you guys use to achieve that sound? Is there a secret pedal or amp setting?

George uses a really cheap vibrato pedal running through a Digitech Whammy pedal, he then fires that sound into a crab committing suicide. After letting it stew in its own reverb for about three hours he then blasts that sound out of a shoe, to give it a nice oaky timbre…

You’re currently based in Brighton at the moment, where there’s a whole host of bands and artists. Who are are some of your favourites there?

In terms of local bands, we really dig Youth Sector and Bite the Buffalo, you should definitely check them out.

For bands and artists worldwide, I’m crazy about Still Woozy at the moment, the guy seems to mix loads of genres into one amazing sound. 

Also there’s a lot of great venues around Brighton, do you have a favourite? And is there a venue in the UK you want to have a crack at?

Our favourite Brighton venue would probably have to be Patterns, the sound in there is amazing, we loved playing there when we supported Island Club. 

I think we all want to play the NME stage at Reading festival. We’ve grown up watching some incredible bands breakthrough on that stage and for that reason, it’s on each of our bucket lists!

Finally with 2019 still being in its infancy, is there anything particular you want to achieve by the end of it?

I think our main goal this year is to release a sick E.P and try and play as many festivals as humanly possible! 

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