Lazybones – ‘Bang Bang’ | EP Review

Photo by Thomas Lisle Coe-Brooker

Lazybones Release Impressive Debut EP ‘Bang Bang’

Lazybones have been on the WFM radar since they released their debut track ‘Zombie’ back in 2017. So it was great to see them drop their debut EP Bang Bang at the beginning of this year. The band have received plays from the BBC, Planet Rock and Kerrang Radio as well as playing a live session for BBC Introducing.

On the run up to the EP, the band released ‘Heart Beat Like a Drum’, which not only was a catchy track, but was accompanied by a creative video. That gave the EP a lot of promise, of which the band lived up to with the release.

The EP opens up with ‘Fashion Victim’ which is a great way to start the EP as it strikes you with it’s sonic hook and snappy drums. This is a theme which is threaded throughout the EP, with this and ‘Heartbeat Like A Drum’.

Denim’ is possibly the heaviest on the EP, with the bass carrying some tonnage, and the drums backing it at every corner. The vocals contrast with the music so well, as Candi Underwood’s voice offers a chaotic, lost control sound to the overall output.

The final track ‘All My Friends are Dead’ is a nice closer as the band opt to stick to their guns and refuse to slow the pace down. The song is equipped with another strong chorus and bassline.

Overall the EP serves as a great insight to Lazybones and what their all about, which is what a debut EP is all about. After a couple of years bouncing around the Brighton scene and building their reputation up. It suddenly feels like there’s even more momentum behind the talented trio.

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