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The Covasettes Release First Track of 2019!

Indie rock four-piece The Covasettes have just released their first track of 2019, setting up their path for the year. The band already have four singles out which all had quite a bit of success. Most notabley with ‘Top Drawer‘ featuring on Spotify’s Summer Indie playlist. They have been gigging relentlessly to edge their way onto the crowded Manchester music scene and bagging themselves some sold out shows. 

Listen Below:

Their new single ‘Like You’ is a charming tribute to an ex-lover. It begins slow and stripped back with just Buxton’s vocals and Hewlett’s guitar. We hear a different side of The Covasettes, possibly a glimpse into some of their future songs. That’s when the entrancing guitar riffs start and the classic indie rock side of the band kicks in. 

The rhythm is propelled forward by drummer Matt Buckley and bassist Jamie McIntyre. The pair complement each other perfectly and work together in harmony to create the ultimate base layer for this track.

Chris Buxton’s compelling vocals sing the lyrics “I’d rather be chasing you”, telling a story of how no-one else will compare. Timeless guitar riffs play throughout, keeping it fresh and exciting. The song ends how it began. Returning to the stripped back and focused part which shows that they are capable of more than just the loud and dance bopping anthems.  

The Covasettes show that there is no other band like them after this exciting new track. 

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