White Riot – ‘The Despair of Going Nowhere’ | EP Review

White Riot Release Debut EP ‘Despair of Going Nowhere’

The Welsh music scene is booming at the moment. It’s brimming with plenty of incredible young bands jumping into the scene with a bang. So allow me to introduce you to White Riot. Hailing from Port Talbort, the three piece, adopted their name from The Clash song, and have started their musical career with the 5 track EP, ‘The Despair of Going Nowhere’.

The EP

Opening track ‘Ghost Town’ (a reference to The Specials?), kicks straight in with a wall of fuzz guitar and vocals reminiscent of their namesake. It nods to the classic 70s punk style, but injects a youthful sound to it with the solid clear guitar riffs. It’s easily my favourite track on the EP ‘Sid’ (Hello, Sid vicious! Now where’s Nancy?) continues the high energy riffs but takes a much calmer lyrical approach. The best way I can describe it is an angsty love song for indies.

Five-minute middle track ‘Molly’ has a slower tempo, fitting comfortably on an EP named ‘The Despair of Going Nowhere’. It boasts a soothing, almost psychedelic guitar riff near the end. Which create a kind of nostalgia to memories that don’t exist. Onto ‘Nancy’( Ah here she is!), bringing the energy back up with distorted riffs, making you want to dance.

Then finally, closing the EP is ‘Sex Drugs and On the Dole’ (Another late 70s punk reference! Clear to see where they’re getting their inspiration from) The intro for the track is my favourite on the EP. Leading by the bass with clear and sharp guitar notes ringing through. It makes for a strong finish of the bands debut.


I would say the band are still defining their sound, as they have their clear inspirations and are turning it into their own. But at times it just doesn’t quite seem to fit right. However, this is their first release and as a young band with fabulous influences. I’m certain they’re going to build their sound and blow us out of the water. They’ve announced a headline gig atthe legendary Lepub, with support from Finding Aurora and The Rivers on the 16th of March. Be sure to go along and check out the new wave of South Wales rock!

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