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Photo by Harry Wheelwright

Revolvers Release New Track ‘True Love’

London band Revolvers have followed their 2018 EP Your Indie Heroes Will Betray You with a new single, ‘True Love’.

Comparable to the Courteeners tune ‘Modern Love’, this song is a clear manifestation of musical progression and maturity for Revolvers. Characterised by bittersweet musings on love and youth, accompanied by light, low-key guitar tracks.

There’s room for improvement lyrically, with parts trying to squeeze in more syllables than the melody allows. However this is a criticism of structure rather than content. Conversely, there are also examples of stellar lyricism in this song, with the melancholic mantra “true love never makes it to midnight”, which follows a captivating middle 8, serving as a thought-provoking climax to a song easy on the ears.

A significant improvement on previous attempts, ‘True Love’ serves as the best Revolvers track to date. This song highlights the promise of a band which hasn’t yet scratched the surface of its musical creativity, and there’s no doubt they have bright future.

Words by Aidan Tinsley

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