Fur – ‘Fur’| EP Review

Photo by Julia Nala

FUR hit us in the feels with Debut EP Release

FUR’s eponymous debut EP, spanning five tracks drenched in romance and heartbreak. Painting a promising picture of this Brighton quartet in warm sepia tones.

Fittingly released on Valentine’s Day, they dance with ease along the precarious line of retromania without sounding cringy or embarrassing. ‘Angel Eyes’ and ‘Him and Her’, the two single cuts, are irresistibly sweet while ‘Love Song for No One’ is somehow a serenade/lullaby/lament. It’s delicate and naked, captivating and heartbreaking.

And with all this love talk what better way to celebrate the release than a sold out show at Omeara. Decorated to the nines for Valentines Day, it’s like they’re performing in their very own tunnel of love.  With tracks that deserve to be played live it’s an utter joy to see and hear.

Mastering the art of making nostalgia sound fresh is what makes FUR one of the most exciting bands on the scene right now. They have produced a sweet and twinkly soundtrack to romance, one that will leave you feeling loved-up… or utterly single.

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