Live Review | Queen Zee @ The Hope & Ruin, Brighton – 17/02/2019


Queen Zee do their Album Justice with Brighton Performance

How do you describe a gig like this without roaming into the realm of crazed superfan? As clichéd as it sounds, the sky really is the limit for Queen Zee if they continue on their current trajectory.

Support comes in the form of Londoners itoldyouiwouldeatyou. Their experimental art punk is Brighton personified, and an appropriate appetiser for Zee. By the time Queen Zee appear, the venue is filling up rapidly. Receiving a rousing reception from the assorted indie kids, punks and emos who’ve come to see them.

The Performance

With a debut album under their belt, the majority of the set is made up with tracks from the record. Beginning with ‘Victim Age’. There’s no easing themselves slowly into the gig, as Queen Zee go at it full pelt from the off. ‘Loner’, ‘Boy’ and ‘Porno’ are all as emphatic live as they are on record. Zee strutting across the stage and making it their own.

Their interaction with the audience is second-to-none. Zee instructs the crowd to form a circle, which they duly get into the middle of, dancing with various gig-goers. It feels as if there’s a genuine connection between artist and fan, one that’s all too often missing. As older Zee track ‘Sass or Die’ makes an appearance to the delight of the long-standing fans present. It’s impossible to decide whether the band or the crowd are enjoying it more.

All good things come to an end” says Zee, teasing the crowd that the band are breaking up. Before announcing it’s the gig that’s about to finish. Thankfully there’s time for one last song – ‘I Hate Your New Boyfriend’ closes the set. The audience sing the title right back at Zee as if their lives depend on it.

Growing up, we’ve all had a parent or a teacher telling us about a now iconic band they saw in a dilapidated shed in 1989. In 30 years time, it’ll be our turn to wax lyrical about how we saw Queen Zee in a 150-cap venue in 2019. A live band not to be missed.

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