New Music | Dalliance – ‘Slipped Out of Orbit’

After releasing their debut track ‘Resistance’ last year, Chorley based band Dalliance has released the follow-upp. ‘Slipped Out of Orbit’ is the newest single by the band, and is accompanied by ‘We’re Not The Same’.

Listen Below:

Slipped Out Of Orbit’ has that crooning Alex Turner style to it. Which is enhanced by the slow pace strumming of treble based electric guitar. Giving of similar vibes to Turner’s solo project on the Submarine EP, one of his finer pieces of work. The breakdown and chorus of the track doesn’t sound dissimilar to something of Cornerstone. With the guitars take on a minor psycadelic persona.

We’re Not The Same’ is completely different, as it steps up gear in the pace of the track. The song serves as a stomp your feet anthem, with an interesting heavily distorted grungy guitar, seeing the song out.

Dalliance are still in their musical infancy. But with these two releases under their belt, it gives them something great to build off!

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