New Music | North Parade – ‘Birmingham’

Photo By Roger Sargent

North Parade Release New Track ‘Birmingham’

North Parade have took their first big step into music as they’ve released their debut track ‘Birmingham’. After playing together for a while, the band has finally let their first piece of indie driven music into the world.

Listen Below:

The track has received some positive reviews from of the music big guns. This includes Radio X’s John Kennedy who called it an “Instant Indie Classic”.

John isn’t wrong as the track is laced with clean rhythms and clean cut vocals, making a joyful indie track with a disjointed love story. The love story bases itself around Birmingham, hence the title. The vocals bring an urgency to the whole song with delivery being slightly sped up, and the guitars keeping that same fast pace. The song very much has a hint of early Maccabees about it but much more clean cut.

It’s always great to have a new band to write about, especially one as hungry as North Parade. This is only the start for them, so jump on the wagon early and don’t miss a thing.

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