Interview | A Quick Chat with The Covasettes

A quick check in with Manchester band The Covasettes

With 2019 looking to be a big year for The Covasettes, I caught up with Chris Buxton and Matt Hewlett from the four-piece indie-band. They talk about the road they’ve travelled and what’s coming up next.

How do you feel that you’re developing as a band?

Recently we all moved in together. It seems like a big step but for us it was either this or break up as a band and we all believe in it enough to go on this adventure. At this point we just want our music to reach the people who want to be reached. Our aspirations aren’t too high. We like the place we are currently in. If you told us this two years ago, when it all started that we have done all that we would be very happy.

What are some of your most memorable moments up until now?

During a gig at Jimmy’s, a Manchester venue, we didn’t have to play our chorus at all. The audience was singing along to every word and we almost stopped playing all together. It was definitely a goose bump moment. Another thing that just seemed mad to us was that a father and his daughter went on a two hour drive to see us play. After the set the father came up to us and asked if his daughter could take a picture with us. That moment seemed surreal for us. We’re just normal people, these things shouldn’t happen.

Who are the people you look up to?

We all admire different artists and bands but I think I can speak for all of us and say that Coldplay is a big inspiration for us. The image that they put out is so well together. We don’t have a manager so we try to emulate their professionalism. Many people seem to think that slagging off Coldplay is a cool thing to do but any comparison to Coldplay would be an honour for us. They got described as Soft Rock once and I think that title works for us as well. Our image doesn’t need to be too tough. Someone once called us ‘the nice guys of indie’ and we liked that, that’s our market.  

So what is the next step?

Like said earlier we are very easily pleased. We’ve played Reading & Leeds and some big venues but we are just as happy with a sweaty backroom of a pub playing for like 40 people who really want to be there. Our biggest aspiration is to just start from where we’re at and to keep on going. We’re not too focussed on becoming the biggest band in the world, it would just mess up the things along the way.

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