EP Review | Heavy Lungs – ‘Straight to CD’

Heavy Lungs triumph with Second EP ‘Straight to CD’

After touring with best mates Idles last year and following on from their debut EP ‘Abstract Thoughts’ (February 2018). Bristol punks Heavy Lungs have now released their second EP ‘Straight to CD’.

This release features the single ‘Blood Brother’ (October 2018), a humbling response to Idles’ famous pro-immigrant anthem ‘Danny Nedelko’. Written for, and named after – you’ve guessed it – the lead singer of Heavy Lungs who is originally from the Ukraine. Thinking it right to return the favour, Danny has said that this track is, “is a song of love and admiration about a close friend, his kindness, his ferociousness, his resilience”.

Taking lyrics from Idles’ anthemic track, ‘Blood Brother’ is made even better by the fact that it was released on a split 7” vinyl in collaboration with Idles. Punky vocals are layered over choppy guitars, with blunt but passionate lyrics such as ‘I hope you realise, I’m not for christmas, I’m for life’. All this leading up to a intense section of Danny shouting “I love my blood brother”. Paying a beautiful homage to Idles’ front-man, and good friend, with ‘I love Joe Talbot’ before the final chorus.

The punchy first track ‘Jealous’ is also the latest single to be release by Heavy Lungs. Beginning abruptly lead singer Danny Nedelko half whispers the poetic opening lyrics; ‘hubristic think I’m misunderstood/ narcissistic begging for one more look’. This is all over the tinkering of some cymbals. When the drums and rolling bass kick in that Danny’s distinctive groany, shouty vocals become drawn-out to deliver this song with a punky, dead-pan passion. The guitars quickly build this track up as ‘I’m jealous, so jealous’ is repeated in a chaotic frenzy


In contrast, the atmospheric, almost silent intro of the next track ‘Roy’. Suddenly cut through by simple, rolling and urgent guitars. The introduction of similar drums and reverberating bass continue the build up to Danny’s iconic voice. Shimmering through, almost from a distance, as the steady riff of guitars take centre stage. A definite shoe-gazey feel is created by Heavy Lungs on this track, reminiscent of alternative 80s dream-pop. With a heavy wall of whimsical guitars encapsulating the breaks in between obscured vocals.

Following on from a distorted intro, the vocals immediately spring into the final track. “Unfaithful One” shouts over the beginning of a strong, satisfying riff. Danny rolls his tongue in a cynical manner ‘rrrright before he fell…’ This is a tune which successfully manages to pack a whole lotta ‘oooft’. While also incorporating a bluesy, chilled-out lull in the song following some intense guitar shredding. Easily mistaken for a mellow outro; soon realising that this is not the case. They break through the silence with a distant scream and continue the finale in true Heavy Lung’s fashion. All guns blazing, to round off this lovely, little EP in the best way possible.

All in all this is a strong release from a truly zealous band who mean business, and have a lot more to offer. So in the words of Heavy Lungs, listen to their latest EP; ‘Forget your fears and open your ears’.

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