EP Review | Roman Lewis – ‘Heartbreak (For Now)’ EP

Roman Lewis Releases 7 Track Debut EP!

Roman Lewis is rewriting the singer songwriter rulebook. Finally we’ve been blessed with someone brave enough to stray from the pack with a unique release. His new seven-song EP Heartbreak (For Now) focuses on romance and self-criticism in completely different forms. Fast versus slow, singing versus talking, yet all seven songs have one thing in common – the acoustic guitar.

The EP

Seldom do we hear the acoustic guitar being utilized in different ways, rather than the bog standard strumming of chords. Hypnotic finger picking patterns and calming chord sequences brighten up this EP.

Ways’ is the first quirky and energetic track which experiments a new kind of style for Lewis’ listeners. Showcasing you don’t need to be plugged into an amp for the audience to dance along. In the first line, he says ‘there are four ways to look at life, love, lust, addiction, strife’. This sets the rest of the EP up for his interestig and clever lyrics.

The slower songs on the record continue from where he left off with his previous release ‘Mindless Town’ as the dreamy songwriter. ‘Heartbreak’ and ‘Just a Woman’ use absorbing lyrics, plunging you into the depth of questions like ‘what is love?’ – pretty impressive for a 17 year old. ‘Heartbreak is just another word for inspiration’ is just one example of his witty nature. Proving that he understands just how the best songs are written in this EP.

The last song ‘Midnight in Paris’ is an alluring tribute to the most romantic city in the world. It captures the feeling of complete longing for a past love perfectly. Just when we thought he couldn’t do anymore, Roman sings part of the song in French contributing to the magic. Maybe French lessons at school do come in handy after all!

Romantic Roman Lewis reveals that there is an upbeat side to his music. We can have the best of both worlds.

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