Interview | The Seamonsters discuss what Inspires them!

Sheffield indie six piece The Seamonsters talk about the bands development and being an all-girl band in 2019.

How did you all meet?

Most of us have been childhood friends and we’d been learning instruments separately. We were around 14 when we started the band.

Who inspires you?

We’re massively inspired by our families and friends, they’re so supportive and have such good work ethics so it’s something we can really look up to. We’ve been watching local bands like Reverend and The Makers and The Crookes since we were about 13. It’s also super inspiring for us to see bands like Dream Wife doing so well – their stage presence and performance is of a level we aspire to be on. They’re such badass, powerful women with such a strong message and image. We also look to other areas of art such as film, photography and fashion for inspiration as we see our band as more than just music. We love the visual side to it and we want to bring our creative side into all areas of the band where possible.

How would you say your sound has developed over time?

When we started, we were just messing around doing covers like everyone else. We wrote our first song ‘Wonderland’ when we were about 15/16 and have developed our sound from there. We’ve transitioned from that very pop, catchy sound to a slightly moodier, more sophisticated one. Our new song ‘Blue Movie Baby’ is more developed than our previous tracks. The newer songs mean a lot more to us, they’re about subjects we’re passionate about and show we’ve got something to say.

What is your favourite song to perform at the moment?

At the moment it’d have to be our track ‘Like a Girl’. The lyrics come from the fact that girls are often told they do things ‘like a girl’. We wanted to turn this round and be like yes because we are girls but that doesn’t mean we do it any worse than guys! It’s a really uplifting song and we love playing it to people.

Do you feel that being an all-girl band hinders your chances of success or does it make you stand out?

In some ways it may hinder our success because, at times, people don’t take us seriously. Sometimes people expect us to be the next Spice Girls or Girls Aloud when we come on stage, but generally people are pretty nice. We get the odd “you’re really good for girls” comment which is not necessarily meant in a bad way but it’s sad how people think at times. However, it can play to our advantage especially as festivals are being massively pushed to have more diverse line ups.

Highlight of 2018 as a band?

Festivals! 2018 was our first year on the festival circuit and we loved it. Tramlines and Isle of Wight are definitely up there. We also went on our first tour last year which has been our ultimate dream from the start.

What does 2019 bring for The Seamonsters?

Lots of gigs and new releases! We want to work with other bands, producers, promoters and creatives and do our part to help the music industry be a friendly and welcoming place.

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