New Music | K.H.Mirth – ‘Falling Over’ / ‘Say Yes’


Leicester quartet KH Mirth kick off 2019 with a pair of retro garage rock inspired tracks.

Falling Over’ and ‘Say Yes’ are the first offerings from the group, with both tracks wearing the influence of the bands that came before them on their sleeve.

Falling Over’ is driven by a frenetic 60s style rhythm section, with spiky, indie style guitars cutting through the mix to keep it interesting. The infectious simplicity of the chorus kind of begins to overstay its welcome by the final repetition. However the track is saved by engaging duel male/female vocals. While the male vocals evoke a Midlands tinged Nick Cave-esque baritone, the higher register of the female vocals gives a pleasing counterpoint to what could otherwise be quite a mid-heavy song. Couple this with quirky esoteric vocals and you’ve got the highlight of this encouraging first release.

Say Yes

If ‘Falling Over’ reminds you of 1960s garage rock, ‘Say Yes’ is its cleaner cut cousin; the verse would feel right at home playing over the top of a BBC Four documentary about the era. But in the best way possible.

As with ‘Falling Over’, this track features the same rock solid rhythm section, complemented with jangly guitar hooks and addictive boxy drum fills. Which further leans into the 60s influence. It distinguishes itself from what’s come before however with a focus on interesting production and vocal harmonies.

With each chorus punctuated with a Jack White style fuzzy guitar effect, before the song descends into an off-beat psychedelic bridge section. These inclusions never feel out of sorts with the feel of the rest of the track. Alongside this varied production, multilayered vocal tracks run throughout, with what sounds like every band member having a go in front of the mic.

Overall, both tracks from KH Mirth’s first offering are rock solid pop/rock tracks. While the influence of bands like The Kinks is obvious throughout, it is done so with a clear deep appreciation and is never derivative. The band add their own flavour to this tried and true formula with clever modern production and enough variety to help them stand out. All in all, if this the calibre of track this band is putting out in their first release, whatever comes next should be very exciting.

Words By Rob Collingridge

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