Ian Brown – ‘Ripples’ | Album Review


After 10 Years, Ian Brown still has something to Offer

It’s been 10 years since Ian Browns last solo album My Way, and he’s come a long way with his newest album Ripples. The album commences with one of the most grounded tracks ‘First World Problems‘, which was the single discharged before the album. It’s a song with an incredible presentation and is the lyrical and musical architecture of the collection.

Breathe and breathe easy’ it’s conveyed to you through an acoustic guitar, with an easy though effective playability chord structure from a guitarists perspective. The guitar sounds old and battered and strummed with a brick. However melodiously it sounds Ian is cantillating ancient scripts that works superbly well.

Black Roses‘ is of profound nature as he sings “Black Black roses in my garden” proposing that keeping up an uplifting point of view will show energy, yet there’s sure conditions imperilling the positive change. Black Roses also symbolise obsessive love and mystery. And as ‘The dream and the dreamer’ has the demeanour of a pariah, when Ian sings “The Government Is not your friend” is out and out evident. Particularly in the present developments. What’s more, even before you or I were born, yet what government officials words would you be able to trust? Is there a political competitor who isn’t loaded with outright blatherskite?

It’s Raining Diamonds is a fantasy of holding a palm tree in the palm of your hand, and a pelican, on a coral sand beach. You make of that what you like! Possibly that is the key in this specific tune? Is Ian pulling in that sort of reality from the forces at be? The main power he has trust in – The Law Of Attraction? Going to the universe at this very moment. Furthermore, we would all be able to do likewise! Happy days. Or then again is this melody a type of extreme gloating and he really owns a house in Barbados with a pet pelican called Sally Cinnamon? And the ‘raining diamonds’ he’s referring to is cold hard cash from previous successes.

Soul Satisfaction‘ is a blend of lovey rhymes about Ian’s optimal sentiment. Where he’d fly his adoration to the moon and live in a tent in the street just to be with his lover. Where’d he’d get out that old sounding guitar on “Breathe Easy” and serenade her. Furthermore, if by chance there’s a unique demand for a bit reggae Ian has it secured. ‘Break Down The Walls’ is a new area as its unadulterated reggae! Ian Brown goes full reggae on this track! How class would that just be if the legend Bob Marley was here today to throw a verse in, it would be my song of the year.

This album surprised me, it made me laugh, it influenced me to sing along, melodically was noteworthy! What’s more, melodiously for any individual who appreciates being forced to reconsider their perception, and utilize their imagination. This album ‘Ripples‘ by Ian Brown is the one for you.


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