New Music | The Recreation – ‘Dreambrain’

The Recreation release New Track ‘Dreambrain’

Having formed in 2013, The Recreation have had a few years to perfect their sound continuously developing throughout their youth; the results are fantastic. Their new song ‘Dreambrain‘ has evolved from their previous releases. Making The Recreation a promising contender in the ongoing battle which bands face. Struggling to be heard.

Dreambrain shows off everything that is good about music. Packed with rhythm and riffs, this band sound more and more like a stadium touring band with each listen.

A heavily distorted guitar is the first thing we hear and for a second the song sounds like it could go a completely different way. But it soon turns into an upbeat, eccentric tune.

Frontman Owen Baldwin’s quirky lyrics such as ‘a notion we all subscribe to’ combined with his curious vocals make for an exciting new piece of music. The drums played by George Porter are creative and stray from the classic beat, alongside guitarist Tom Atkinson and bassist Sam Sumner in order to create their best song yet.

The Recreation are the perfect example of why patience is key. They continue to work hard and now look like they are putting themselves on the music map. 


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