New Release | Hobby Club – ‘For Maurice’

London-based twosome, Hobby Club, released their debut ‘janglepop’ single, For Maurice, on 24th January.

While the track is beautifully simple, the influence of The Smiths is clear. This being complimented well by the track’s slow breakdown around the 2 minute mark and bolstered by an almost Kate Bush-y high vocal range. The track seems fit for a windows down road trip, expressing sentimentality and nostalgia.

Described as ‘a feel-good anthem for the working classes’ by The Line of Best Fit, the track is based on a character from their small-town upbringing. Rose explaining that ‘Maurice begrudgingly worked in the shipyard but never let the narrow opinions of others corrode his delusions of grandeur’.

While the track opens with ‘There’s not a lot going on in my town’, followed by a description of everyday life in, ‘Working at the chippy, or kicking cans in the playground’. The track explores working class culture. However, in doing this, it doesn’t exude dissatisfaction at this life, but celebrates it. Also explaining that you can still dream for more, shown in ‘And I want to run until I break through’.

Overall, the genuine lyrical content of the track definitely stands as its highlight- it’s feel good and relatable. It would be interesting however, to see what else the band will explore in terms of production. Primarily based on making the track sounding bigger and more intricate. However with all things considered, I look forward to hearing their music to come.


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