Red Rum Club – ‘Matador’ | Album Review

Scouse Americana storms UK Charts in the form of ‘Matador

2018 was quite the year for Red Rum Club. From selling out venues up and down the UK, to extensive national radio exposure and multiple festival appearances. Oh, and they also shifted 1000 tickets at Liverpool’s O2 Academy.

You would be forgiven therefore for thinking that they would be taking it easy at the start of 2019. Far from it. The Scouse sextet have come flying out the blocks, releasing their Debut LP ‘Matador’ via Modern Sky UK.

The Album

The first track ‘Angeline’ is certainly a bold opener. Dramatically galloping along, with a Manchester, Liam Fray swagger, mixed with suspenseful brass accompaniment. The heavy brass element of the band is a refreshing new element, given that Red Rum Club sit within a ridiculously saturated genre.

Track 6, ‘Nobody Gets Out Alive’ is my personal favourite. A coral-esque rhythm section intertwined with Manchester vocals and smooth, Johnny Marr inspired guitar playing.

The album is sonically a nice blend of Northern bands who have gone before them, such as The Coral, The Zutons and The Smiths. All this is mixed with a modern, distinctive instrumentation, to give them a truly unique sound. It sounds familiar without sounding like something that’s gone before, whilst simultaneously sounding modern, but not too futuristic.

The album closes with title track ‘Matador’, one of the strongest tracks on the record. A typically anthem number that gradually builds to a Liverpudlian – Mariachi climax. A perfect ending therefore to their bold debut LP.

Overall, this is a solid debut, and I love that Modern Sky have pushed their young prospects to release debut albums earlier than perhaps expected (The Blinders & Calva Louise being other examples). However I feel that the album has too many weak tracks and would’ve been better as an EP. Whilst the album has it’s moments, it never really seems to get going. Also at times the ‘Scouse Americana’ vibe feels cliche and over done. I do however very much look forward to hearing their next move, and would be intrigued to see what they’re like as a live act.

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