Interview | The K’s Discuss All things Music!

Photo by Paul Husband

The K’s talk all things Music, along with what 2019 holds for them!

With their big show coming up in Manchester on January 25th, our writer Lucy had the chance to catch up with the band and find out a bit more about them and their musical influences!

What’s the story behind your band name ‘The K’s’

After years of saying we weren’t sure, I remembered it out of the blue a few days ago! There’s a record shop called Kaleidoscope Records in St Helens, so originally we were called The Kaleidoscopes. I think the name must’ve been taken or something and we ended up as The K’s.

Have you guys always wanted to be on the music scene or is it something that just happened (sometimes fate is your best friend!).

I think everyone dreams of it as a kid, don’t they? It’s been something I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember, and we’re lucky enough for it to be a reality for us.

What was the last song that you listened to? 

Lost in the Supermarket – The Clash.

Which band would you say is the strongest influence to your music?

For me it’s The Jam. Sure the lads would have varied opinions on their biggest, but they’re definitely mine.

Your music is quite guitar heavy, do you all fight over who has a better guitar? If so, whose is the best?

Absolutely not, Paddy is the best guitarist I’ve ever played with. No competition!

The first song you released was ‘Sarajevo‘ way back in 2017 – is it wrong to presume this is about the place Sarajevo, and why?

It’s about the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. I was reading about it one night and wanted to write about it, the end result being our debut single.

Which is your most favourite gig you’ve ever played?

It’s hard to pick one; they’re all ace. I’d say either Gorilla (our last) or Jimmy’s (our first) Manchester headline shows. The crowd had the floor bouncing throughout both.

If you had to pick an album that you wished you’d written what would it be? 

All Mod Cons – The Jam.

You’ve got an upcoming gig at Manchester Academy (which I’ll be dancing away at) – which of your songs are you most excited to play in front of a crowd?

We’ve got the singles which are always amazing to play. The crowd go nuts and sing every word back. But we’re all proper excited to play our new stuff that no one’s heard before. We know they’re gonna go down mint.

You released two songs last year that both did really well – any plans for more music this year that can treat our ears?

We’ve got loads ready to go and we definitely have plans for way more releases this year than last year. We’re just putting the finishing touches on the final details. It won’t be long, big year ahead!

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