EP Review | Faith – ‘Two’

Faith release their second EP, and it is the perfect winter record!

After their last EP was released was a while back, we have been eagerly awaiting the release of Two, which certainly does not disappoint. 

The Wolverhampton collective have been making sweet, sweet music together for years. Creating memorable melodies and guitar lead tunes that are unforgettable and this EP is a perfect collection of that. 

The EP

The lads from Faith kick off their EP with the tune ‘1992’, which feels familiar yet fresh at the same time. The melodies and harmonies hit you immediately. It is such a feel good tune to brighten your day in the busy count down to Christmas. The second the drums come in you know it will be stuck in your head for the foreseeable future. 

This is followed by ‘Two’, which feels like the perfect two minute interlude after a track like ‘1992’. It brings everything right now and fills the space just perfectly. With it’s airy synths and a fleeting melody this is a wonderful way to bounce right into another upbeat, single worthy tune.

Wait’ hits you straight away with a strong guitar riff and a striking melody, the perfect track for the middle of this EP. It has just the right amount of energy to keep you going to happily move onto the next two tracks.

Slowly moving onto the fourth track on the EP, ‘Home.’ This song feels far more chilled. However it still carries the same strong melodies heard in the tracks before. It’s super easy to listen to and almost immediately you feel familiar with, not only this track but every single one on this release. 

Rounding off this extremely refreshing EP is the tune, ‘Honey.’ This song is another banger from the West Midland band. This one really makes you want to move and I can only imagine how fantastic it will be to hear it live. 

They sure know what they’re doing and it looks like 2019 will be an exciting year for this band. With a solid collection of songs that will surely draw in loads of attention. 

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