New Release | Sugarthief – ‘Good Luck, I Hope You Make It’

Sugarthief Release Long Awaited First Track of the Year!

When it comes to releasing new music Birmingham Band Sugarthief have had quite an unusual quiet year. However they have still played a number of live shows during the course of 2018, making sure they stay sharp. 

Finally though, after months in the studio they’ve finally released their first track of 2018. And it was worth the wait! ‘Good Luck, I Hope You Make It’ showcases a slight different direction for the band, as their sound takes a slight turn.

The track sounds tighter and somewhat more mature than their previous releases. Not to say their previous releases weren’t any good, just that this feels like a new direction.

As the track opens you’re welcomed by this chilled out guitar riff. Also combined with these sharp drums edging over it in the background. The vocals have this cool reverb effect to them, which suits the music really well. The song is quite straightforward and beautifully simplistic. The hook of  “Good Luck I Hope You Make It”, sounds like another line they will have sung back to them at live shows. Especially Brimingham.

Really looking forward to see what 2019 holds for the band, as they keep going from strength to strength. Proving to be one of the many great bands in Birmingham at the moment.

Listen Below

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