New Release | Margot – ‘Coffee Stained Scars’


Margot Release New Indie Track ‘Coffee Stained Scars’!

After their fifth single of the year, expectations have been set high for the quintet Margot.  They’ve just released their newest tune ‘Coffee Stained Scars’, and we should be excited. London born, the band have produced all of their music alone, with no help from big labels. This has helped to mould them into the quirky, authentic group they’re becoming.

‘Coffee Stained Scars’ follows the pattern set by their previous songs of a laidback, easy-going tune. With trance-like guitar riffs and hazy chords dominating the sound. It’s hard not to fall in love with this anthem for colourless days.

Listen Below:

After a couple of listens, I became entranced with the lyrics. Carefully crafted, they focus upon the mental health of a middle aged man and his dreary journey to work. They are compelling and tell a story (and who doesn’t enjoy a good story!) ‘From work to home with his thoughts alone’ is just one of the many raw lines that frame the feelings of so many people.

Lead singer Alex Hannaway manages to make the unique vocal part seem effortless. Delivering an effective performance of wisdom and understanding of someone years beyond his age.

Packed with charm and relevance, it’s guaranteed to get you singing along.

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