November 2018 | Top 5 Albums of the Month

Liela Moss and Matt Corby make up one of the most Alternative Top 5 Lists So Far!

5. Liela Moss – ‘My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth’

leila-moss-my-name-is -safe-in-your -mouth

Liela Moss’s debut album My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth is strong, moody and heart felt. Her deep voice sits so beautifully in amongst the strings on several of the tracks on this record. This is such an easy album to listen to and having this on repeat is a must. Each song deepens and shows more of its beauty every time you listen to it. You simply cannot go wrong with this album, there is nothing not to like.

4. Hior – ‘Descents’ 


This album is quite different from the others in this list, that being said, Hior hits the nail on the head with Descents. This body of songs is so relaxing, songs with sparse lyrical content can be extremely useful to cleanse your musical palette and clear you mind. That is exactly what this album has done for me, you do not have to sing along, you can just get immersed within the music, so it produces the perfect mental break. 

3. Mumford and Sons – ‘Delta’ 


It has been a couple of years now since Mumford and Sons released an album, so I waited on tenterhooks for the release of Delta.This album feels tight to their roots, authentic and honest. It most certainly does not disappoint. They have obviously evolved over the years and this record seamlessly showcases that. You cannot mistake this for anything other than a winter record, it feels so cosy and even reassuring, they definitely know what they are doing! 

2. Bill Ryder-Jones – ‘Yawn’ 


Yawn is another perfect winter accompaniment, I am not sure you can fault this album at all, it is an extremely easy body of songs to listen to. Each song moves so smoothly from one to the other, every melody Bill Ryder-Jones creates is soft, whilst also being a sneaky ear worm. His voice comes across as so effortless, it is unbelievably calming to listen to. It was such a hard decision to pick the top album this month, this one came in an extremely close second. 

1. Matt Corby – ‘Rainbow Valley’


Matt Corby’s album Rainbow Valley is honestly nothing but refreshing. It is light and enjoyable, you can tell he has had copious amounts of fun making this record. It is the perfect collection of songs to lift your spirits during the dull winter months. This is an album filled with eleven absolutely golden tracks. His voice and his choice of accompaniment are nothing but fantastic. There was no doubt in my mind that this should be the top album this month.

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