EP Review | Fuzzy Sun – ‘Warm Evening/ Cold Morning’


Fuzzy Sun release Second EP of the Year, and it’s Promising!

After their first EP was released earlier in the year, Stockport five-piece Fuzzy Sun have been growing a following in the music world.

They’ve received valuable support from fellow Stockport band Blossoms; who’ve been pushing them in the right direction after signing them to their very own record label Very Clever Records.

Their new EP Warm Evening/Cold Morning’ is Fuzzy Sun’s second EP of the year. Featuring four catchy psychedelic tunes that are the perfect mixture of nostalgia and disco flare.

Eve’ is the first song we hear on the EP, and it will suck you right in to a whole new world of melodic and synth pop. The synth, played by Daisy Valentines, stands out in this tune and gives the song a slight nostalgic 80s vibe.

‘I’ll be the man’ has a mesmerising feel to it – not too fast but not too slow (if you’re dancing, it’d be more of a bop or head bounce than a full on jump). The strong synth background creates a sound not dissimilar from ‘Eve‘. Overall this helps to contribute to Fuzzy Sun’s overall ‘sound’ as well as giving us a great song to sing along to.

Second Half

Small warning – once you’ve listened to ‘Heavy‘, you’ll never get the main riff out of your head. This song gives a strong Blossoms feel with a contemporary twist. An upbeat tune with lots going on to keep your ears happy. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

As the only slow and stripped back song on the EP, ‘December‘ is a risk that pays off for the band. Which still stands up to the standards of the other songs. It’s perfectly crafted, and once the drums have entered the song reaches its full swing. It’s the perfect song for dramatically looking out of a car window or walking home in the rain.

The EP is a fight for Fuzzy Sun’s music career, and I think it’s doing a pretty good job. They’ve shown that they’re not just a one EP kind of a band after two EP’s being released in the same year. There’s still lots of great things to come for them as they continue writing new music. 

Words By Lucy Bower

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