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The New Consistent Grabs Single of the Week with ‘3 Years’

The New Consistent carries no affectations: his music has substance far beyond the surface. ‘Authenticity’ is something we throw around a little frivolously to the point where applying it to The New Consistent becomes devalued – but if anyone exemplifies that kind of sincerity, it is him.

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That’s what is so refreshing about his latest single ‘3 Years’. Set to a somnambulant beat, he lays his innermost feelings bare in a way that supersedes the guy-with-guitar archetype. In ‘3 Years’, there are
only two elements he needs: the beat and what he has to say. There is a vulnerability to the spoken-word and his accent he doesn’t attempt to disguise that gives ‘3 Years’, much like his previous self-titled single, a diaristic tone.

Remind yourself you don’t know him, because his music lets you into an inner world most keep under lock and key. You would have to search long and hard to find a single – or an artist, for that matter – that is so completely bona fide.

That’s it for Single of the Week this week. If you think you have a single of the week on your hands then make sure you get in touch!

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