New Release | Witch Fever – ‘Daddy Pt.2’

Photo by Asupremeshot

WITCH FEVER Release Impassioned Track ‘Daddy PT 2’

Manchester born, all female, punk/grunge band Witch Fever are really smashing through some barriers with their newest track Daddy PT 2. 

Earlier in the year we introduced you to Witch Fever on WFM Introducing. Today we’re sharing their newest track ‘Daddy PT 2′, which we hope you’re ready for.

It is not pretty or delicate, but it is brutal, strong and is definitely making a statement. Their track begins with a bold guitar riff which is joined by drums and a baseline. Upon hearing it will not let you stay still. They are strong, empowered females who are sharing a message to never be quiet or delicate. I absolutely love it. 

The video itself feels organic and personal, it sure is raw and it is the perfect pairing for a track so strong. It gives you a real insight into the personalities of the women in this group, whilst also showcasing their gripping stage presence. As you can see in the video, their live gigs go down a treat. Their selection of slow motion, unfocused and fast forwarded shots show an almost unpolished view which is extremely appealing. They are real and down to earth, there is honestly nothing not to like. 

TTheir lyrical content is sincere and their sound feels authentic, they are putting their own stamp in the female punk world. Witch Fever are taking the punk/grunge scene by storm and their progression is clearly one to watch.

After watching this surely everyone will be singing “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned” as it is a serious ear worm. But will any of us actually be forgiven? (I presume not.)

Toothless / Daddy PT 2 out now on 7” red vinyl.

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