New Release | The Cosmics – ‘Trust Is Blind’

The Cosmics Release Noise Empowered New Track ‘Trust Is Blind’

The Cosmics are easily one of Birmingham’s most exciting bands at the moment, with their heavy songs, unique sound and energetic performances from the band (especially the lead guitarist).

Earlier in the year they released the excellent ‘Inishfree‘ which made the WFM 2018 Playlist, and it looks like they’ll make the playlist again with their new track ‘Trust Is Blind’.

Listen Below:

The slow start to the track is tempting, as it lulls you in to thinking it’s more of a ballad than a rock song. Erin’s vocals are gentle and delicate, a real treat to listen to, as she gives of a “I don’t give a fuck’ vibe which really comes across with the delivery of the lyrics . Then all hell breaks loose.

The guitars take a very Sonic Youth type turn as they become fantastically demented entering a minute and a half breakdown. In the midst of all the clattering of the drums and screeching of guitars Erin screams “You really messed up my mind”, giving it a really complete feel.

Cannot wait to hear this one live, it seems liked a nailed on closer where the band can completely lose it an break everything in sight. One of the most chaotic release of the year, thank you The Cosmics!

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