New Release | ALLTHINGSMATA – ‘Fear’

ALLTHINGSMATA Release Sleazy New Track ‘Fear’

Following airplay on BBC Radio One of their track ‘No Fools’, London-based ALLTHINGSMATA, have released their new track ‘Fear’.

I certainly felt the fear in the opening credits of the corresponding music video, warning the viewer of scenes of nudity. Not that I’m usually adverse to these sorts of things, but was still in recovery after watching a snake video sent to me on a well-known messaging service that very morning. It started out as one thing and, well, became another; another forever etched into my brain.

Curiously, I set about my research, trying to find out who, what, how, why ALLTHINGSMATA are. The website explains that they were “…born in a crypt beneath St John’s Churchyard in Tower Bridge.” Unusual, I thought. But, very apt. ALLTHINGSMATA are the brainchild of Luis Felber. A musical dark prince who doesn’t mind comparisons drawn between himself and The Artist Formerly Known As.

The video looks like scenes stolen from a seedy nightclub in days gone by and viewed on a television set. Model Josephine De la Baume appears as a mannequin come to life, catching only glimpses.

Directed by Lucy Liscombe, the video is based around “mixing dominatrix commands with online advertising jargon and how both effect us on a primal level”. Both the track and video playfully intertwine between the movement of body and glistening guitar riffs. It feels ever present and also timeless. Altogether original, musical transitions will transport you to the past. More importantly, it makes me want to know more. With ALLTHINGSMATA, music and art are one; it’s slow and primal and very, very sexy.

Catch ALLTHINGSMATA headlining at The Islington, Monday 26 November. ‘Fear’ is out now

Words By Jasmine Robinson

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