EP Review | Whenyoung – ‘Given Up’

Irish Trio Whenyoung Deliver a Stunning Debut EP

This is the debut EP from Irish trio Whenyoung, who have had quite the hectic year. They’ve released a fair amount of music including ‘Pretty Pure’ and ‘Collector’. On top of this they’ve played a host of shows including Kendal Calling and Truck Festival, and they still have the support slot for Blossoms ahead of them.

‘Given Up starts with two light hearted playful tracks with glistening hooks and choruses. The opener ‘Given Up’ has the best best hook on the EP with the line. “Given up, and you don’t know why you’re falling round until 6 in the morning”,just rolling off the tongue. With it’s indefinitely poppy tones, it’s charm and softness reel you in, making it difficult not to love the track.

Heaven On Earth’ follows, which was the first track released off the EP. It follows from the opener so well, as it just continues that same upbeat good feeling. It has a really simple tone to it, but Aoife Powers vocals are just so endearing.

Within this EP we are treated to the band covering ‘Dreams’, which is arguably the greatest ever track from The Crandberries. This very much feels like a nod to the late Dolores O’Riordan who unfortunately passed away earlier this year. The band do the song justice as it’s performed beautifully, with Aoife Power completing an angelic performance on the vocals. This could be possibly the best cover of the song I’ve heard.

The EP fittingly finishes off with the an acoustic track in ‘Sleeper’, and it’s just such an ideal way of wrapping up this successful EP. You hear Aoife wondering further into a more vulnerable vocal state, and it sounds so good. Her vocals really convey the track well, as the genuine feeling is conveyed when listening to track.

The guitar work in this is neat as it works around the neck of the guitar with ease, as it feels like they’ve just picked the guitar up and recorded it on a whim. The strings are also a great embellishment on the track, as it’s only subtle but does so much for the song.

This EP is what was needed from Whenyoung, after having so many great single releases, to have the songs sit side by side and work is inspiring. We’ve been treated all year round with great EP releases and this certainly ranks up there with one of the best to have been released.

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