October 2018 | Top 5 Albums of the Month

5. Ty Segall – ‘Fudge Sandwich‘ 

This album is a different one as it’s a complete set of covers. However TY brings his own take on each track, which gives the song a completely new feel, to the point where they sound like different songs to their original counterparts. His garage rock sound is a feature on every single track, and it’s interesting how he takes each song on. From the fuzzy ‘Hit it and Quit it’ to John Lennon’s ‘Isolation’ , this album will quench your thirst.

4. Kurt Vile – ‘Bottle It In

Kurt Vile has gained so much respect as a songwriter in these last five years, that everything he releases theirs already this weight of expectation. Unfortunately this album wasn’t his finest pieces of work, but a Kurt Vile out of form is better than most artists. However Kurt is brutally honest across this album as he covers his journey of the last two and half years in this album. The title track is seven minutes of wonder and has bit of a Mac Demarco feel to it all, and is probably the best outing on the track.

3.   Willie J Healey – ‘666 Kill’

Regardless of this only being six tracks long I feel like it deserves a place on this list. Each track on the album is well written and delivered, proving the talent that Willie J Healey has. The slow well thought out pace of the album leave you with the feeling of a Neil Young release. It’s a shame because the only thing that hold this album in this place is it’s length. I wanted more from it, and for that reason it simply couldn’t go higher.

2. Cloud Nothings – ‘Last Building Burning

This album caught me at the right time, as I was looking for something to listen to which would run parallel to the momentum I was on, this was that album. The crazy pace of the album really leaves you no room to breath, as the band cram so much in 8 songs. You get hints of Parquet Courts, however it’s a much fuller sound sonically, making them sound completely different. Didn’t expect much from this album, but it provided.

1.  Estrons – ‘You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough

Estrons debut album really did live up the hype that was built around it, as it seemed to have a bit of everything. Their dark pop manner is delightful to listen to, as they sound like a band that should be getting more recognition for what they’re doing. The heavy pop theme is alive across the whole album, and if you’re the mood to scream at top of your lungs, this is the album. Full Review Here


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