New Release | Lazybones – ‘Heart Beat Like A Drum’

Photo By Thomas Brooker

Lazybones Release Stunning New Track ‘Heart Beat Like A Drum’ along with a Cool Video

Lazybones have accomplished so much this year, releasing some great tracks and played some important shows. After starting out in 2017 they have now created a sound recognizable to them and developed a real DIY culture within the band. Their latest track ‘Heart Beat Like A Drum’ is a testament to that, as they shot their latest video, and it looks better then most music videos out there.

Watch Below:

The track has a mega punchy chorus with the help from the ecstatic drums, as Candi sings “You Make My Heart Beat Like a Drum” over and over again. The guitar work in this is pleasing and works well for the track, as it rips through some nice riffs and melodies. The song definitely has a more punky edge, but it’s polished punk if that makes sense.

The video really just fun to watch, and bearing in mind that it was all one shot, it’s impressive. So majour props has to go out to the band and everyone who worked with them for the video.

Catch the Band LIVE, where they play with Fangclub and Big Spring!

December 10th – Old Blue Last, London.


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