New Release | Blanketman – ‘Sick and Tired’ / ‘Flip it Over’

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Blanketman release Double A-Side Single ‘Flip It Over’ and ‘Sick and Tired’

Releasing a Single can be a nervous process for a band. With the worry if it’s been mastered correctly to wondering if people will react positively to it, so this is doubled when you release a double A-Side.

After forming back in 2017 and still very much in their infancy as a band, Manchester based Blanketman chose to release their first double A-Side with ‘Flip It Over’ and ‘Sick and Tired’. It’s worked a treat.

The two tracks sit side by side perfectly as you get a real taste for what the band are all about. You can appreciate the fantastic work which has gone into these two songs.

First of all ‘Sick and Tired’  is a lengthy number, but should be welcomed. With a slow and  brooding melody Blanketman show a tactical side of themselves as the guitar work is thoughtful, tidy but with rough edges.

The break down for the track features Hopper’s far out vocals battling with the guitar, a nice touch. The ending of the song just bursts into life before it quickly dies. The script is dashed on the floor as the guitars reek havoc, distorted bliss.

The slow nature of the first track is contrasted by the quick hit ‘Flip It Over’ which has a very Joy Division feel to it. Lead singer Adam Hopper sings in a frantic and rushed pace, blending perfectly with the agile melody. The alarming guitar riff in the background only adds to the chaotic feel that the song has embodied, while the words “Flip It Over!” are shouted aloud!

Overall this is a great release for the band as they are very much finding their feet, which this showcases. Looking forward to hear what the band will go on to do next year as there seems to be a lot of potential there. With the momentum this track should bring, we can look forward to hearing more from them!


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