EP Review | The Slumdogs – ‘Where’s Your Sanity?’

The Slumdogs - Where's Your Sanity

The Slumdogs Impress with their Debut EP Where’s Your Sanity?

Formed in late 2015, Blackpool indie punks, The Slumdogs, have been steadily building their reputation and busy working on their debut EP. Their efforts have paid off, with Where’s Your Sanity being an explosive and gritty punch to the face; certainly a debut to be proud of.

Opening track, ‘Where’s Your Sanity’ eases us into the EP, with melodic riffs and vocals building up to a guitar solo, followed by an instrumental ending. While this track is somewhat calmer than other songs by The Slumdogs, it still retains their energetic edge.

Beginning with a bass line somewhat reminiscent to the style of IDLES, ‘Shapeshifter’ blends infectious funky riffs with raw vocals and chants.  The chorus is a hypnotic earworm, vocals and guitar complimenting each other perfectly.

The Legitimate Way’ surprised me a bit. When I think of The Slumdogs, my mind immediately goes to the furious chaos of older track, ‘Nightmare’. But this ruckus nature isn’t present in ‘The Legitimate Way’. Instead it is polished and offers a more subtle angst.

The bands style has matured like fine wine; their previous riotous distorted sound has evolved into something that, whilst staying true to their intense punk style, demonstrates their versatility and focuses on their poetic lyrics.

Interrupting the EP is a piano led interlude, featuring spoken poetry about monsters, perfectly leading into track five, ‘Monsters’. This song is certainly a stand out and is my personal favourite. Jumping straight in with a vocal focused intro, we are forced to concentrate on the words as the rest of the band build up the track, until a raw scream of ‘out your head’ makes way for the contagious riff. It’s like a punk preaching.

Final track ‘Dead or Alive’, makes for a powerful finish, with thudding drums, rapping vocals and fuzzy riffs building up to a final chant. These six tracks have created an incredibly powerful EP and I really hope it gets the recognition it deserves.

The Slumdogs are a chaotic and rough, yet polished and funky breath of fresh air. And it’s about time you add them to your playlist.

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